State Assembly Declares February 19 Japanese Internment Day of Remembrance

Friday, February 23, 2018

(Sacramento) - Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi  (D-Torrance) presented Assembly Concurrent Resolution 143, which  declares February 19, 2018 as a Japanese Internment Day of Remembrance,  to the State Assembly. ACR 143 is meant to increase awareness of the  incarceration of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II.  “More than 120-thousand Japanese-Americans were incarcerated behind  barbed wires, in tents and concentration camps located in isolated  locations throughout the United States including two in California at  Manzanar and Tule Lake,” said Assemblymember Muratsuchi. “They lost  their homes, jobs, farms and businesses and most importantly, their  freedom and dignity.” Here’s more from Assemblymember Muratsuchi in this  Assembly Access video.