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2019 Legislation

AB 39: Education Funding
AB 39 increases the Local Control Funding Formula targets by approximately $35 billion above the current funding level, to ensure that districts are able to cover increased fixed costs and promote greater student success.  The updated funding targets will establish a roadmap for the Legislature to follow in order to significantly increase K-12 spending over time with the ultimate goal of returning California to among the top ten states in per pupil spending.

AB 245: Aerospace Commission
Establishes an Aerospace Commission within the Governor’s Office of Business Oversight (GoBiz) to address the unique needs of the Aerospace Community.  Similar to previous legislation that established a California Film Commission.

AB 272:  Smart Phone School Ban
This bill would permit school districts to adopt a policy to prohibit or restrict the use of smart phones on school grounds during school hours given the growing evidence that unrestricted use of smartphones by students interferes with the educational mission of the school, lowers pupil performance, particularly among low-achieving pupils, promotes cyberbullying, and contributes to teenage anxiety, depression, and suicide.

AB 308: Military Tax Relief
AB 308 exempts a deployed member of the armed forces that own a small business from paying the minimum franchise tax or annual fee, if the business operates at a loss or ceases operation.

AB 326: Mobile Carrying Devices
AB 236 will enable new technology, designed to carry items, to be operated on city sidewalks.  These robotic devices are designed to follow behind an individual as they walk and are intended to carry heavy loads.   The devices will provide people with increased opportunity to walk and reduce vehicle trips which can help meet our environmental goals.

AB 342: Oil & Gas Supporting Infrastructure
AB 342 will prohibit any state agency with leasing authority over state managed public lands from entering into a new lease authorizing the construction of oil- and gas-related infrastructure on state lands to support the production of oil and natural gas upon federal lands within the state that are currently or were at one time federally protected including, but not limited to, national monuments.  The federal administration plans to open over 700,000 acres of federal land to oil and natural gas leasing and this bill will help protect these threatened lands.

AB 345: Oil Well Set Backs
AB 345 will mandate a 2,500-foot health and safety buffer zone between new oil and gas wells and sensitive land uses, which include schools, day care centers, residential homes, and hospitals, thereby creating a safe distance between drilling operations and vulnerable populations in order to avoid serious public health and safety risks and impacts.  Nearly five and a half million Californians live within one mile of an oil or gas well and Studies link proximity to oil and gas wells to a host of health impacts, including increased risk of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, pre-term births and high-risk pregnancies, and in some cases, cancer.  This bill will protect vulnerable populations from the health risks associated with oil and gas production.

AB 353: SB 1335 Clean Up
Technical clean up to SB 1335 (2018).

AB 468: Pesticide Prohibition/Non-toxic requirement
AB 468 aims to promote safer schools and protect California school children from toxic exposure to Roundup, a known carcinogen, by eliminating its use on school grounds.

AB 495: Cosmetics
This bill clarifies that cosmetics containing certain known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and endocrine disruptors that are harmful to human health may not be sold in California.  Further, this bill expands the Safe Cosmetics Program’s statutory authority to require the program to investigate harmful products and to improve the program’s oversight of harmful cosmetics.

AB 720: Community College Public Safety Instruction Service Agreements
This bill ensures that police and fire personnel in California that have mandated and ongoing training through their respective state agencies are able to receive it through California Community Colleges.

AB 895: Mental Health Services at School
This bill provides resources to establish a new Student Mental Health Grant Program for support services for outreach, training, and resources for schools and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to provide mental health services at school sites.

AB 912: State Lands Commission – Marine Invasive Species
AB 912 will update California’s Marine Invasive Species Program to ensure that standards are in place to protect our waters from non-native organisms, ensure that the ballast water discharge standards are enforceable given current technology, and that California’s standards are not pre-empted by Federal law.  When California established the program, it included very strict standards for the clean-up and discharge of ballast water, which cannot currently be met with available technology.  The bill will help California protect its coastal waters from the threat of marine invasive species, while informing advances in technology to improve ballast water discharge standards.

AB 916: Suicide Prevention Programs
This bill expands the California Suicide Prevention Act to include college students for targeted public awareness and education campaigns.

AB 1038: Health Cost Transparency
AB 1038 requires the Medical Board of California to provide to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development a list with information about all physicians and surgeons licensed in California.  Additionally, the negotiated rate for each service for each health care plan and the charge for each service provided by physicians would be included.

AB 1040: Cetacean Protection Act
In 2016, the Legislature established the California Orca Protection Act, under this bill, it is unlawful to hold or breed an Orca captive for any purpose, including display, entertainment, or performance.  This bill will extend the protections of the California Orca Protection Act to all members of the Cetacean family: whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

AB 1064: Firearms Dealer Code of Conduct
This bill would improve public safety and bring increased accountability and transparency to gun sales in California by requiring gun dealers to carry liability insurance and by authorizing DOJ to fine irresponsible dealers who break the law.

AB 1286: Shared Mobility Devices
Creates a definition, safety requirements, and insurance requirements for shared mobility devices (motorized scooters, bikes, skateboards, and other devices rented using a digital platform).  Requires the device provider to have an agreement in place with a local government prior to distributing the devices, and requires local governments to adopt a safety plan.  Requires the provider to maintain general liability insurance of not less than $5 million per damages or injury and prohibits the waiving of legal rights or remedies as part of the rental agreement.