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2020 Legislation

AB 39 uses the existing Local Control Funding Formula and proposes a $35 billion increase above the current funding level.  The new, aspirational funding targets established by AB 39 provide a roadmap for the legislature and the state to follow to first attain the national average and eventually, return to among the top 10 states in per pupil spending.

AB 245 will create the California aerospace and aviation commission.  This commission will bring the governor and legislature together with aerospace industry leaders to support California’s national and global leadership in aerospace innovation and job creation.

AB 326 will allow personally owned motorized carrying devices that are connected to a pedestrian via smart phone to be used on city sidewalks.  These devices are designed to follow behind an individual as they walk and are intended to carry heavy loads, which will provide people with increased opportunities to walk and reduce vehicle trips which can help meet our environmental goals.  

AB 345 provides criteria to help guide the Department of Conservation’s Geologic Energy Management Division’s (CalGEM) rulemaking process to protect residents and communities near oil and gas extraction sites. This bill enhances public participation in this regulatory process and directs CalGEM to establish a minimum setback distance between oil and gas activities and sensitive receptors, which include schools, residential homes, and hospitals.

AB 1286 will create a state-wide minimum standard requirements for shared mobility devices, such as scooters and bike-share, prior to these devices being launched in local jurisdictions.

AB 2135 would establish a California office of trade in Tokyo, Japan, to encourage investment in California.

AB 2362 would improve public safety and bring increased accountability to gun dealers in California by authorizing the California department of justice to fine irresponsible dealers who break the law.

AB 2762 the toxic free cosmetics act clarifies that cosmetics containing certain known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and endocrine disruptors that are harmful to human health may not be sold in California.