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Trip to Israel

I recently joined a legislative delegation to bear witness to the Israel-Hamas war and its ongoing impact on the Jewish and Muslim communities in California.

We met families of hostages, both Israeli and Palestinian. Many families of hostages have relatives in California.

We visited the Gaza border, including Kfar Aza, one mile from Gaza, where Hamas murdered 63 people and kidnapped 19 still missing since October 7. We heard booms of artillery exploding in Gaza and the constant buzzing of military drones. We could not visit Gaza.

We also visited the site of the Nova music festival, where Hamas murdered, raped, and kidnapped hundreds of young people whose images stand at the memorial site.

War is horrifying for Israelis and Palestinians. I pray for the release of the Israeli hostages. I pray for an end to the civilian carnage. As both Palestinians and Israelis told us, the two-state solution, the coexistence of a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, should continue to be the goal that we aspire to.

Thank you to all who made this trip possible. No public or campaign funds paid for this trip.