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Homelessness in Redondo Beach

The City of Redondo Beach is a leader in the South Bay in getting the homeless into housing.

No one does this better than Lila Omura, who does homeless outreach and housing assistance for Redondo. She has dedicated her second career with a passion to help find housing for the unhoused. She knows Redondo's homeless by name, and many of them love and trust her, because she fights the bureaucracy for them. We spent the morning driving all over town, where she knows where to find them and asks them if they need help.

I learned a lot from being on the ground with Lila for just a few hours.

One woman shared her personal story of how she was struggling with addiction and living on the streets, and Redondo's homeless court and treatment programs turned her life around.

Lila is a South Bay hero, an angel for the homeless.