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Ride Along With Torrance Police

Spent over 4 hours on a ride along with Torrance Police Sergeant Ron Salary to get a better appreciation for the tough job that law enforcement officers have.

We started the morning by going to a 7 Eleven in North Torrance in response to a 911 call of a belligerent homeless man threatening store clerks and customers.

Torrance Police Department responded with several officers de-escalating the situation, but they decided that no crime was committed so no arrest was made.

According to Sgt Salary, over 40 percent of 911 emergency calls involve homeless people threatening harm or disruption that cannot be safely handled by social workers, so officers do the best they can under existing laws.

Sgt Salary is a 25 year veteran Torrance Police officer whose calm, conscientious, professional demeanor really impressed me.

We need to support good cops like Sgt. Salary.