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Assemblymember Muratsuchi and the CA Retailers Association Announce Bill to Combat Retail Theft

Today I participated a press conference, along with members of the California Retailers Association and the California Hotel & Lodging Association, to introduce my AB 2390, which is a common sense, balanced fix to Proposition 47.  AB 2390 will provide diversion programs to focus on the root causes of crime while at the same time making sure that serial offenders are being held accountable by aggregating the total value of theft from the series of incidents and crimes being committed.  
We need to address this growing problem in California of retail theft.  We have all seen the images of the brazen lawlessness.  What's more, the perpetrators of serial theft are not being held accountable.  As a recent LA times article said, misdemeanor shoplifting crime are not be prosecuted all over the state. So small businesses are left to wonder why they should even bother reporting all of these incidents if no one cares.  
We need to prove that we do care.  We need to pass AB 2390.