Torrance Police Department Press Conference

I participated at a press conference at the Torrance Police Department, along with Torrance Mayor Pat Furey and Torrance Police Chief Eve Berg regarding the so called "Racist Rant" video from Wilson Park. Torrance PD announced the name of the suspect and asked the public's help in locating her.

While what happened in Wilson park in Torrance does not compare to what happened to George Floyd, racism against any community is unacceptable. I lived in Torrance for over 20 years and when my daughter accidentally saw the video footage of this woman ranting against an Asian-American woman in Wilson Park, which is kind of like a symbolic center of Torrance, it just horrified my daughter and me because this is not the city I love. Torrance is very diverse community with a large Asian American population that should not feel unsafe or discriminated against. We all need to do better and it is important that the police department crack down to arrest the suspect.