You might qualify for a state tax credit

Enacted two years ago by the Legislature, the EITC enjoys wide bipartisan support for encouraging work and continued employment. It is one of the most effective tools in America to lift families out of poverty.

Last year, the Cal EITC put almost $200 Million directly into the hands of nearly 400,000 working Californians for the first time.  Research shows children whose families receive a boost in income from EITC perform better in school and have better health. Families use the EITC to buy shoes, put food on the table food, pay bills, and cover basic needs for their kids.

However, you must claim the credit to receive it. Over 50,000 working people filed California taxes last year and failed to claim the credit.  Many people who qualify for the credit, and are eligible for up to $6,000, fail to simply file taxes because they make below the required income threshold.

To learn more and see if you qualify for the EITC: