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In 1991, the South Coast Air Quality Management District adopted Rule 1410.  This rule was adopted to minimize the possibility of harm to the public due to an accidental release of hydrogen fluoride.  It banned the use of HF after 1998 at refineries within the SCAQMD jurisdiction and immediately put into place safeguards and measures to protect the public. 

However, the rule was successfully challenged and blocked by the courts in 1992, due to a lack of public notice.

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi announced the introduction of a package of bills and budget items designed to increase safety at the refinery in Torrance. Two years ago, an explosion at the Torrance refinery injured four workers and damaged equipment, forcing a shutdown of the refinery and raising the concerns of residents living in the surrounding area.  Last fall, Muratsuchi met with community stakeholders and laid out a six point plan to reform safety at the Torrance refinery. 

Assemblymember Muratsuchi is now living up to the promises of his six point plan through the introduction of bills that range in scope from a phase out of the use of hydrofluoric acid to requirements for a risk management plan, community alerts and alarms, an increase in the number of refinery inspectors at the state level, and the codification of a refinery safety task force. 

In January 2017, the AQMD announced its intention to revive the rule after completing a series of stakeholder meetings with industry and community groups.

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Here, you will find information provided to the public by the AQMD and the Torrance Refinery.  These notices included planned and unplanned flaring occurrences as well as upcoming meetings and public hearings!

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